The FD Forum Group

Run by and for the professional Academy Administration Staff, who are fundamental to the good running of an Academy and without whom there would be no successful Academies Programme

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The FD Forum was set up by a group of FDs from the early sponsored Academies and has now expanded to include Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts and Federations.

The Forum was created as a self-help group to help and advise members in the early days of the Academies programme and to ensure that Academy FDs were able to fulfil the needs of their Academies from a functional perspective.

It has now evolved into a number of distinct streams – Finance, HR, Premises plus, at the request of the DfE, DfE Online Reporting and DfE Chart of Accounts.  These forum groups provide a channel for the exchange of information between Members relating to the overall breadth of their roles and enabling them to share best practices.  Working closely with the DfE ensures clear discussions between them and those who matter.  

The Forum is not a lobbying group but it will, and does, get involved in any financial matters that impinge on Academies.

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The FD Forum is open to Finance Directors of Academies.  Membership of this Forum provides access to Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) Forum and the DfE Forum.  If your role also encompasses HR and/or Premises responsibilities you may also join our HR or Premises Forums too.  Please request access to these when you apply for membership.

The HR Forum is open to those responsible for HR within Academies.  Please request access to this when you apply for membership.

The Premises Forum is open for those responsible for premises and facilities within Academies.  Please request access to this when you apply for membership.

In addition to our three main Forums we have a number of other Forums which may be of interest to you.  Find out more here.

The FD Forum has been a great community to be a part of over the past few years

Forum Member

The Forum has been a vital tool and resource to many new and old FDs, as well as a vital vehicle for people venting their frustrations.

Forum Member

I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has responded to my question here. It is a very interesting trail and certainly informative.

Forum Member

I have been a member of the forum for a number of years and found it an invaluable resource.

Forum Member

It would be good to still have access to the forum as it is an invaluable source of information

Forum Member